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In-Country Value (ICV)

In-Country Value (ICV) is the parameter to quantify the total investment made by an enterprise in the particular country of its existence which contributes to the increase in business development and human capability which in turn helps to stimulate the country's economy.

Al Nahdha Group, based in the Sultanate of Oman strongly believes that the progress of the Nation is very much dependent on the maximization of all ICV parameters which include the following factors:

  Investment in Fixed Assets
  Omanization of the work force
  Training of Omani Nationals
  Local sourcing of goods
  Local sourcing of sub-contract services
  Development of National suppliers
  Development of Training and Research & Development institutions

In line with achieving this National objective of the Government of Oman, Al Nahdha has over the years invested a major of its retained earnings in the Sultanate by various modes. The Paid-up Capital of Al Nahdha has been increased from RO.150,000/- to RO.1.500 Million during the past 3 years.

Investments made by Al Nahdha include Lands, Buildings, Workshops, Fabrication Units, Machineries, Equipments, Vehicles, Office Equipments, Furniture & Fittings etc.

Al Nahdha has consistently maintained the Omanization ratio by employing Omani Nationals in various cadres from top to bottom. Al Nahdha has been supporting and promoting locally manufactured goods. The Sourcing of Local Goods as well as Sub-contracting services comprises more than 90% of such requirements of Al Nahdha.

Al Nahdha has been executing various Mechanical contracts for several major Local entities in Oil & Gas sector across Oman. To augment the skilled National Workforce, Al Nahdha has already recruited scores of them in its cadre. Al Nahdha is also in the process of setting up an In-house Training Centre manned by proven Professionals for imparting skilled training in Mechanical jobs to National Employees.

The objective is to create more and more skilled National Manpower in Mechanical trade and to provide them with suitable employment opportunities arising out of the association of Al Nahdha with the local entities.

For more on ICV Trainings with Al Nahdha Group (ANG), follow this link: TRAINING.